Our Mission

To create a place where guests can feel comfortable and understood, stylists can feel confident and empowered to grow, and everyone knows they are supporting honest practices and contributing to a sustainable environment.

Green Circle Salons Certified

The Lotus Room is proud to be certified by Green Circle Salons. The beauty industry creates 877 pounds of waste every single minute. Green Circle Salon’s mission is to change that. As part of their Sustainable Salon program, we are proud to redirect, recycle, or repurpose 95% of materials once destined for landfill.


We strive to be a safe and wholesome space to create and grow - with each other and within ourselves.

As leaders and learners, we value education and are committed to having education be the focus of our craft. We are a part of a personalized business coaching program for stylists, and salon owners called Destroy the Hairdresser. We also host a variety of educational and training classes in person and virtually.